Lacey S.

Mold Inspection

I suspected mold in the home that I am renting, and got on yelp to find some reputable help. I found Nv Environmental, and I called them to come to my house, because of all the 5-stars and positive reviews on yelp. Here is my experience with Nv Environmental: I first called them last week, and John answered the phone. John was very nice, and he throughly explained what his company does, in a way that was easy to understand. He then sent Ian Shapiro out to our house. Ian came very quickly….the next day, if my memory is correct. My husband dealt with Ian, and said Ian was extremely friendly and also explained things well. Ian did the inspection and took samples. Ian then dealt with our property manager, who is not easy to deal with, but Ian handled it! Ian also sent me a VERY detailed report, itemizing the findings of the inspection, complete with pictures, and recommendations on how to deal with the issue that was upon us. Overall, the experience with Ian and this company was very positive, very pleasant, very thorough, and everything was done in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company to anyone with mold concerns, who needs real, professional advice on what to do.

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